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Thread: Wiring diagram for 1 P90 + 1 vol + 1 tone control

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    Default Wiring diagram for 1 P90 + 1 vol + 1 tone control

    Hey guys,

    Sorry for the simple question, but I'm building a one-pickup guitar (actually lap steel with a P90) and I'm confused on wiring.

    The diagrams on the Seymour Duncan site and Stew Mac site are different. The Stew Mac one has a cap going between the vol and tone pots, while the Duncan one has a cap between the middle lug of the tone pot back to the housing of the tone pot.

    Can anyone explain the difference?

    Also, does the Fezz Parka mod apply here like it does in a regular Tele circuit - where you connect the outer lug of the tone pot to the center lug of the vol pot, as opposed to connecting the outer lugs of each? I'm assuming it does, but double checking (and the Stew Mac diagram doesn't even show the outer lugs connected, so further confusion!).

    Seymour Duncan:

    Stew Mac:


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    Default Re: Wiring diagram for 1 P90 + 1 vol + 1 tone control

    As you have already surmised, there is more than one way to route the wire(s), pot and capacitor(s). They all work. Any combination of pot, cap and a connection to ground will serve as a passive low pass filter. Leo Fender adopted the capacitor between the pots method because it minimised production costs.

    Thus, any of the schematic diagrams that you mentioned will do the job.

    In the StewMac diagram, the ground connection for the tone control is completed via the tone pot chassis, the metal control plate, the volume pot chassis and the flying cable to the jack socket.
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