Can some of you Tele guys take a measurement for me?

I'm having bridge pickup issues.

I have 2 MIM Telecasters that ate within 500 serial numbers of each other. I'm trying to put the original bridge single coil from one into the other, but the screws are further apart on the pickup than on the receiving guitar's bridge.

I have a HotRails for Tele that measures 1-7/16" on centre from one of the back screws to the front one. The two back ones are 1.5" apart. The dead pickup from the recipient is the same.

The one I'm trying to put in is 1.5" at both measurements.

I'm trying t determine if the one bridge and pickup combo is the anomoly or if the other is.

Who can measure a Tele for me? Any year, any Tele style pickup.