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Thread: New PUP & PG day!

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    Default New PUP & PG day!

    And now it looks like a Classic Vibe Squier! Well, almost!

    Last version of this Strat I had installed a full set of Dimarzio single-sized hums in it for some full-on metal shred - but this left me with zero traditional-setup Strats in my arsenal, so I was jonesing to set things right.

    I had wanted to drop in a gold-anodized PG for a long time, but didn't want to wire in the Custom Shop 54's I had been using for a long time - a little too bright for me between the maple neck and ash body - I wanted something a little middy-er to counter act that sting.

    I found Sean from TTS pickups at the Brookdale Guitar show in NJ and liked the pickup selection I played so I figured for $100 you can't go wrong and ordered up a set of his "classic rock" single coils - basically mid 6k pickups, a little hotter towards the bridge. And I now had a reason to get a aluminum pickguard. Wired it up and here we are:

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    Looks cool, then again I have a thing for white strats, another thing for well used strats, well, you get the picture

    So what's the "almost" about?
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