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    Default Pickups that cover ALL the bases...

    I recently decided I have way too many guitars to get around to playing them all. Many of them were redundant in the tones that they could produce. I decided to force myself to narrow my collection down to 4 main Electrics plus one acoustic. The hard part was retaining pickup combinations that would cover all the music genres I play without losing any important tones.

    Here is what I ended up with: (Music type > Pickups > Guitar)

    Surf, Rockabilly, Blues, SRV, Hendrix > Fender Fat 50's set > Strat

    Blues, Psychedelic, Early rock, Clapton, Santana, Page > Seth Lovers > PRS

    Southern Rock, Rock, Hard rock > Gibson 498t & Pearly Gates Neck > SG

    Heavy Metal, Solos, Fusion > Duncan Distortion (b) & Jazz (n) > Jackson

    Those make up my tonal pallet for now. What would your PICKUP choices be for the music you play, if you had to narrow it down to three or four sets?

    btw, I chose the PRS guitar for older Gibson (mainly Les Paul) blues and rock tones because I've never found a Les Paul I have bonded with.
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