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Thread: .22lr Pistol Saves Woman's Life

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    Default Re: .22lr Pistol Saves Woman's Life

    ^^^^ LOL, why has my IP address been banned? 0.o

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    Default Re: .22lr Pistol Saves Woman's Life

    Quote Originally Posted by Wonker View Post
    Hmmmm, seems that rifle and shotgun have the highest % fatality with the least number of hits.
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    Default Re: .22lr Pistol Saves Woman's Life

    For awhile reading this thread i kept checking to make sure I wasnt reading

    I think it sad that a woman felt so unsafe at her job that she felt the need to arm herself.

    Its sadder that it came to fruition and she was forced to have the traumatic expierence of having to defend herself and kill someone.

    But Iam 100% grateful that she got to go home safe and that there is 1 less violent offender on the streets.

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