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Thread: Fender USA Highway Nitro Body Stunning

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    Default Fender USA Highway Nitro Body Stunning

    I need to start reducing my gear inventory. Heres a gorgeous Hwy 1 body I hand buffed out to a closet classic luster.I picked this out after looking long and hard, as its a lightweight Alder body weighing in at 3.9 pounds. Looks to be three piece. Nice grain visibkle under the three tone sunburst finish.
    No issues, no stress cracks at the neck, some minor scratches and a tiny ding or two.
    You seriously will not find a nicer body at tis price range. Im working on a different project, so i gotta say Bye bye to this one.

    185.00 shipped, and thats a nice price. I paid 200.00 for the body plus shipping, and if you look its hard to find such a premium lightweight body that looks this fine. I also spent a couple hours hand buffing it out to shine nice.

    (couple of small leave debris, its not on the guitar)

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