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Thread: Anybody know where I can get an SSL-6T?

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    Default Anybody know where I can get an SSL-6T?

    Well my original plans for pickups just got sidelined due to a pretty good wait time on getting exactly what I wanted. Apparently being lefty and using a flat fret board radius greatly compromised my plans without me realizing it at the start of me spec'n out my Warmoth Strat.

    So after reading my email this morning and finding out that it is going to be at least 4 months to get what I originally wanted, I've decided to fall back on my 2nd choice for now. Which is the SSL-6T/SSL-2/SSL-2 setup or the SSL-5/SSL-1/SSL-1 set respectively. I figured this would be an easy task to accomplish. Yeah not so much.

    Almost every place I have looked has the SSL-6, but not the tapped model. Duncan says it's available in that configuration on the website, but no place I've looked keeps it in stock.

    So if someone can point in the right direction to get one, or know of a reliable place that can order one for me, I'd greatly appreciate it! If I do have to order it, what kind of wait time am I looking at?
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    Default Re: Anybody know where I can get an SSL-6T?

    I've got an SSL-5T...I'm trying to move a whole set (SSL-1, SSL-1 RWRP, and SSL-5) but I might be willign to move just one...

    Drop me a PM if that is of interest to you and we'll talk...

    If not, this is a good bump!
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    Default Re: Anybody know where I can get an SSL-6T?

    Have you looked at Zhang's strongest single?? Its not too far off the ssl6, and I'm sure he'd do you a tap at whatever point you wanted it too.

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