Wanna see for yourself just how awesome an A3 is in the neck and bridge?

I've got a matched set of Chris Carter Sinbucker "HP" (Hybrid-PAF) handwound pickups in black/white zebra that I'd consider selling for $140 shipped!

These are a one-off custom version of his "Sinbucker LT" pickups with special wire and a mildly hotter neck (9.7k on HP vs. 9k on regular LT). According to Mr. Carter, the wire used in this set was a combo of 43awg from 1971 and 42awg enamel from 1960.

Bridge = 11K, F-spaced (53mm), A3
Neck = 9.7K, G-spaced (50mm), A3
Both are 2-conductor (braided) wiring

SPECIAL NOTE: If you purchase these pickups, I will also include your choice of premium paper towels for free, because your guitar will absolutely ooze tone (and you will probably drool a lot, too)!

Actual pickup(s):

Video of the standard LTs (not the greatest recording, but gives a good feel for them):