I love Les Paul Custom Lites. About a year ago prompted by a thread made by Seymour himself, I decided to start looking for one.

Now these used to be great value for your dollar, the one that made me lust for them was bought by a guy I knew for $800. Usually they go for $1,400 - $1,800. Even the 1988 Gold Top Limited editions usually sold around the $1,500 mark. When the one I bought came along it was priced pretty high - 1,900 shipped. I personally did not have a problem with that price because a.) it was dead mint - the original bridge had all it's gold plating, no pick scratches, no dents ... nothing, and b.) next to Ferrari Red, the Wine Red is probably the rarest colour to find.

Ever since then ... ebayer sellers have been asking more and more $2,500 ... $3,000 ... $3,500 all for models that are in ok-decent condition.

Here's the latest nutter.


A BIN of $4,000????

That's double what I paid for my Wine Red one a year ago. Sure it looks stock and in decent condition ... but WTF?