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Thread: 2 x 12 configuration options

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    Default 2 x 12 configuration options

    Hey all. As usual, everyone here was wicked helpful on my last speaker/cab + amp matching question so I wanted to throw out another.

    I built the cab explained here

    That was really just a huge no brainer... basically, try to make a cab that looks like my twin reverb cab, but that my bassman can sit on. It worked perfectly.

    I am about to start another 2 x 12 build, but this time I would like the cab to look square from the front, so it would have one 12 up to the right, and the other down to the left.

    In my head I am thinking, this should all be fine... no issues, but I thought I would just throw it out there and see if anyone has any experience, ideas or thoughts.

    Also, any suggestions for improvements to my general construction techniques would be welcome as well.

    Thanks in advance for the help!
    Jim Dier

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    Default Re: 2 x 12 configuration options

    I have a couple of Marshall Jubilee cabs like that - a 2556A (angled top cab) and 2556B (straight bottom cab). Each cab is 24" square, with the two speakers mounted diagonally.

    I believe there are also Marshall models 1966A and 1966B which are the same but "non-Jubilee" versions.

    This is the view looking into the back of the 2556A...

    This is what they look like stacked up...

    They sound fine. Don't quite get the same spread as a 1936 cab with the speakers side by side, but they are easier to move and they look like cute baby 4x12s

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