A neighbour of mine recently passsed away. His partner has been cleaning out a lot of accumulated junk. She came across a guitar. She has no need for it and wondered who she could give it to. She couldn't think of any one but another woman , helping her do the cleaning up , suggested me. So it landed on my back porch.

Any way here it is.

It's a quality item.

Note the placing of the bridge and the string spread.

The fret board is actually wider than the neck.

Basically it's a nylon string style acoustic with steel strings on it.
This bends/warps the top where the bridge is glued on.
The neck bows away from the guitar so there is massive fretting out on it. The High E is unplayable for the first octave and the rest of the strings aren't doing much from the nut to around the fifth fret or more.

IT's a quality instrument and pretty much unplayable or fixable.

I'm not sure whether to use it as a cricket bat, make a bonfire out of it , or give it to some one to hang on their wall.