First off, I am VERY good handyman, and do things the right way. Hell, I've been working on cars AT MAJOR DEALERS for 10 years. I know what I'm doing. Hopefully that will filter out the pessimistic nay-sayers.

I have a 24 fret 24.75" Explorer knock-off that drives me nuts. All the guitars I've had in the past were all 22 fret, so naturally I got use to it. Well this one with 24 is really f@cking me up! It throws off my orientation. I see on Stew-Mac that I can get a slotted fretboard for pretty cheap, I thought 'yeah, just change the fretboard'. Then I thought about the glue holding the board to the neck. Does anyone know anything about the glue manufacturers use for these? I don't want to go in guessing it's one kind and it turns out to be something totally different and I damage it. I'm not going to take it to a luthier and have him rape me on a simple job.