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Thread: ...and Bogner Shiva gas rears its ugly head once again.

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    Default ...and Bogner Shiva gas rears its ugly head once again.

    I'm going through a phase again of thinking about selling both of my Super Reverbs and buying a Bogner Shiva 2x12 with road case. I just don't know if I can go through with it but the Bogner sound keeps me up at night.

    I know the Shiva is versatile, and I know that it will do almost every sound I want it to, but has anyone heard a Bogner shiva with a hollow/semi-hollow body through it with flatwounds for jazz? I can't find a good reference tone online anywhere.
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    Default Re: ...and Bogner Shiva gas rears its ugly head once again.

    I have a 20th Anniversary with KT-88's. While the amp is absolutely glorious in everything else that I've tried with it, that's one thing that I haven't heard through it. I have a 335 type but I don't have flatwounds on it. With that minor difference aside, it handles 335 tone in much the same way that a Twin does. It doesn't have the same clean headroom that a Twin does, but a Twin doesn't have the unreal gain channel that the Shiva does. It's the most versatile amp that I've ever played through and nothing else is close.
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