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Thread: My Tweaker is back to it's stock tubes, and I don't like it. What to replace it with?

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    Default Re: My Tweaker is back to it's stock tubes, and I don't like it. What to replace it w

    Quote Originally Posted by Diego View Post
    Thanks for information, man.

    Do you know how can I tell what resistor mine has? And what would be the practical difference of doing the resistor swap?
    I'm so clueless on these technical subjects it's sad.
    Changing that resistor will change the bias point of the power tubes. It won't help if the problem is caused by heater current, but it will help if the tubes are drawing too much current and running too hot. I found this picture online, but the resister he's talking about is the white rectangle marked 10W 220RJ toward the right of the board.

    My Tweaker has this 220 ohm cathode resistor and it sounds great with 6V6s. If I were going to run something like 6L6s or 5881s, I'd swap for 470/510.

    Edit: Based on Bruce's post, I'm also thinking that the resistor swap will bias the power tubes a bit colder, so the tone will change somewhat. I'd expect a bit less headroom and bass along with less volume and possibly a slightly looser overall feel.
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