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    Default satriani tone

    What effects and settings should i use when im playing always with me, always with you by joe satriani. im not that good at recognizing effects so im wondering if you people could help?

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    Default Re: satriani tone

    On the recording satch used an Ibanez Sabre loaded with PAF Pros (FRED and the JS1000 didn't exist yet) and his main amps for that record were a 100w Marshall tube head and a JC120 for clean stuff. Assorted pedals and the occasional eventide harmonizer were used, and on THAT track he used a compressor to even out the guitar lines. A little delay was added, too.

    As a matter of what settings you should use... Personally I think you should play with your amp and guitar to see what sounds best for you and still fits the vibe of the song. I've heard it played on an acoustic and it still sounds great if you've got the chops. I like playing it with a touch of compression and delay as well but I don't use as much distortion... I go for a big bold spacious crunch tone that sings.
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