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Thread: Check this out. He is only 9.

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    Default Re: Check this out. He is only 9.

    very technical without much emotion - IMO thats perfectly ok. he's still learning and will get tired of that much notes in few years. seems he starts learning the opposite way most of us do.
    most of us start playing slow blues because of technical shortcomings and get faster with enhancing practice. This dude does it completely different.

    I'm sure he will cut his own path and find his style. Looking forward to hearing im again in later. wish you all the best for your career


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    Default Re: Check this out. He is only 9.

    Holy crap! When I have one, I'm taking my kid and locking him in his room untill he can do that . . . that's some pretty freaking amazing playing. And it looked like he was having fun doing it . . . I am impressed.
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