I'm about to pull the trigger and order the trem block for my strat, but was wondering if it is really worth $60 more for the extras like stainless screws, trem arm and new saddles. Seems to me that it's quite a bit of money for not much more. Are the saddles really all that better than the stock ones? Or is replacing the block alone going to give me the most results for richer tone and more sustain.

On another note, I was playing my buddy's HWY1 strat today and noticed how much bigger the trem block was and how much fuller the tone was. I know that it is a combination of the thin finish + the trem block, but WOW, what a difference. Anyone know what the resistance of the stock Fender pups are for the HWY1's they seemed to have a bit more output than the Ant's in mine? But then that may have everything to do with the block issue.