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Thread: Wiring Diagram needed Please.

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    Default Wiring Diagram needed Please.

    I have a Ibanez 220FM.This is what I will be installing.500kVolume pot,500k Tone pot, SD SH-1 59 in neck 4 conductor, SD SH-6 Distortion in Bridge,And a schaller 5 way switch.I saw the diagram on the SD site but I would like to change the order.
    1-Neck Humbucker
    2- neck single
    3-both Humbucking
    4-neck and bridge split
    5-bridge humbucking
    Or if you have a better idea let me know.
    Thanks for the help.

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    Default Re: Wiring Diagram needed Please.

    I wanted to do the same thing but could never get an appropiate diagram to go with my 5-Way/2-Pole switch. I end up doing it this way.

    1. Bridge HUM
    2. Bridge Split (North Coil)
    3. Bridge and Neck Split (Both North Coils)
    4. Neck Split (North Coil)
    5. Neck HUM

    My other options was this, but I never got around to getting a new switch (4-Pole)

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    Default Re: Wiring Diagram needed Please.

    This diagram is as “complex” as you can get with a standard 5 way switch. You can switch the red and white leads for the neck and bridge as shown in the diagram and end up with this:

    1 – Neck Humbucker
    2 – Bridge and neck humbucker
    3 – Bridge Humbucker
    4 – Neck split with bridge split
    5 – Neck Split

    For exactly what you are requesting you would either need a superswitch or megaswitch, or use a 3 way switch with a couple additional DPDT switches. I’m not familiar enough with the superswitch or megaswitch to help you out with those alternatives. Maybe Artie will see this.
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