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    Talking new clip

    just a little jam with a preset of the boss DR3, while i'm fiddling with it to program drums for a song of mine.
    preset is called hard rock 4.
    recording rig
    Iron maiden shirt -> charvel fusion w/JB -> zoom 9050 -> crate gx65 -> 2x12 w/ V30's -> ****ty mic -> laptop -> cool edit pro

    captures the sound pretty good i think (recorded both drums and guitars simultaneously) but it clips severely at higher frequencies. tried to rectify it a bit, but you can still hear it on the recording. the low growl can be heard though

    was fun to do, but listening back to it, my rythm playing isnt up to par anymore.. downstrokes dont sound in sync.. too much slacking off lately. (no, not jacking off.. SLACKING! )

    so, here it is in it's soundclick glory. what do you think guys?
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    Default Re: new clip

    Killer stuff, heavy ****ing metal.

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