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Thread: Looking for H-S-H

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    Default Looking for H-S-H

    I'm looking for a good, versatile pickup combo to put into my Godin xtSA. It's got an H-S-H configuration and I'd like to be able to split the humbuckers so I can get that single coil sound too.

    I generally play heavy classic rock (Sabbath, BOC, etc...), blues (SRV, Clapton, Hendrix) and the occasional poppier stuff (mostly 80's pop) to pay the bills.

    I had thought to go with a Custom in the bridge and a '59 in the neck, but I'm not really sure what to pick for the middle single coil spot. Also, I don't really know how well the Custom and the '59 take to being split. Ideally, the split humbuckers will have a perceived output that plays nicely with the middle single coil.

    Does anyone out there have any advice for a n00b pickup buyer?


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    Default Re: Looking for H-S-H


    i put a C5 in the bridge of my HSH guitar and a 59 in the neck ... they split very nicely and sound terrific ...

    i'd recommmend one of the new stack plus for the middle or any of the rails (depending on taste)

    i chose a duckbucker but shouldve chosen a vintage rails ... the cool rails or hot rails are also excellent too

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    Default Re: Looking for H-S-H

    I've got a PRS with a Custom 5, Vintage Rail and Jazz neck...Litterally a do-all piece. There's a Strat vibe & a Les Paul vibe there too.

    If you're going with a higher output 'buckers you'll want/need a rail or high output stack in the middle. If you're going with something like an Alnico II or anything lower output, then you might be able to get away with something lower output in the middle.

    I dig the rails though because I have to set the middle pickup pretty low so it doesn't interfere with my picking. I've got the same problem with Strats so I use pickups with non-staggard polepieces, staggard screws up my trip.
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