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Thread: reverse wound/reverse polarity ?

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    Default reverse wound/reverse polarity ?

    What is the difference between rw/rp and reverse phase? Could I put a phase switch on my middle strat single coil to get series in the two and four? Is it possible to reverse the leads to make it rw/rp? Im all confused!

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    Default Re: reverse wound/reverse polarity ?

    RWRP means Reverse Wound/Reverse Polarity, which means that the polarity of the magnet is opposite, but so is the direction of the flow of the current in the coil. The idea is to eliminate hum and actually how a humbucker pickup works -- the two coils are RWRP relative to each other.

    It is also used generally on middle pickups for Strats, but sometimes on 2-pickup guitars with single coils. (Duncan RWRP's his neck Antiquity P90's.) The idea is that when you are in positions #2 and #4 on the Strat or in the middle position on a two-P90 guitar, you turn the two pickups into a single humbucking pickup wired in parallel.

    Reversing the leads will not make a pickup RWRP because you have only reversed the wind, or more accurately, the current. You would also have to reverse the polarity of the magnet. On a humbucker, reversing the polarity of a magnet is easy -- you just pull the magnet out and flip it over so that the side that was facing the screws is now facing the slugs.

    However, phasing and RWRP and all that has nothing to do with parallel vs. series. Your Strat middle pu is already RWRP, unless you had a new middle pu put in that was not designed for the middle position. A phase switch on your middle pu will only give you the nasal out-of-phase tone in the #2 and #4 positions. It will not give you series vs. parallel.
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