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Thread: Tele Vintage '54 vs. Tele Antiquity 1955

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    Default Tele Vintage '54 vs. Tele Antiquity 1955

    what's the main difference beetween those two. is it like ssl-1 and surfers? richer , "older" and "more vintage" tone?
    I like the bite of vintage 54 for me it have better tone than JD ( ive heard only the samples form website)
    and the '54 sounded little brighter and have more bite and twang compared to JD and Broadcaster ( like i 've said all is for my taste and ears , and never heard those pickups live just samples from duncan page)
    i need it to handle blues , rock'n'roll , blues-rock and even hardrock like early Led Zep
    i need alsoa matching neck pickup (Lew suggested antiquity texas hot for neck) but i want to know will Surfer be a proper match?
    i assume that texas hots have A2 magnets and surfers A5, i need to know everything about antiquitys pickups to build my own dream axe.

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    Default Re: Tele Vintage '54 vs. Tele Antiquity 1955

    I have the Broadcastermatched up with a vintage neck. Great stuff. No icepick to the forehead effect
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