I have a special Plexitone that I have used myself for some testings, it is purple, not all nicelooking and perfect, but it has a real special sound, I made it for my self some time ago, it is almost like a normal PT, but it has two switches for some filtering stuff, and a different OP-amp on a socket, the rest is just like a normal PT.
I would like to give it away to one of the bros/sisters here.
Tell me/us why you like playing music, how you feel about making any sort of difference to your surroundings with your talent.
I will then pick someone randomly, by using my right now unknowing wife
And I hope to organise one more giveaway later on, hopefully with my boss and some different setup, it may not be possible but I hope that it can work out, I need to get that one cleared.
Anyways I do this because I belive in this place, despite our shortcomings, but I refuse to dwell on negative stuff, so I thought of this because I love this place and because Seymour Duncan has been a huge part of my sound for almost 20+ years.
Participate if you would like to use this pedal, it is not a sound for everyone, but for those who likes a slightly vintage British flavour.
So give it a shot if you like.
Best regards Niels
P'S thanks to Robert for clearing this one!
This place is one of the best!