I have an older (purchased new in 1988) SD Humbucker. I had it in a strat bridge for about 3 months then switched to EMG single coils. The box it came in no longer has any of the cardboard with model numbers. All it has is a big green dot label (size of a dime) and a handwritten tag that says SP SH-1. The pick up itself has a metal braided outside with a black and gold cloth wire inside and also a white plastic covered wire inside the metal braid.

The pick up itself has one side which is level, unadjustable pole pieces and the other side is flathead adjustable poles. The back just says Seymour Duncan Pickups (engraved into metal plate.) It is uncovered (and that is how I bought it) and both bobbins are black.

I do not have my camera with me, and my ohms meter crapped out last week, so that is the best I can do. I guess I would just like to identify it so I can keep it in mind for my next project.

Thanks in advance for any help.