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Thread: Seth Lover pickups and tapping the cover...

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    Default Seth Lover pickups and tapping the cover...

    When I tap my Seth Lover pickups with my guitar pick, it is pretty noticeable (i.e. hearing it through the amp... click, click etc.). I know they are not potted but is this normal? I also read they don't ever go microphonic so I just assume they are sensitive this way.


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    Default Re: Seth Lover pickups and tapping the cover...

    That happens with any covered pickup, though some louder than others. You can also get clicking through the amp if you hit the bobbins of an uncovered pickup.
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    Default Re: Seth Lover pickups and tapping the cover...

    yes, it is normal

    note - in very high gain / high volume situations, they *could* go microphonic

    good luck
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