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    I'm replacing stock Mighty Mites with GFS Crusaders. The stocks only had three wires (red, white, and black) but the new ones have five (red, white, black, and silver). What do I do with the extra wires?

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    Default Re: Wiring question

    Probably GFS sent you a color code for their wiring in the package. If not, it might be a little tricky because you have to figure out which one is the hot and which is the ground.

    The silver wire definitely goes to ground -- it's touching the foil shielding around the other 3 wires and soldering it to ground will get rid of a lot of noise interference.

    The other 3 wires are 99% likely to be the main hot lead, the coil-split lead and the ground lead. As for which is which, I can't tell you because I don't know the GFS color code. Maybe their website has some info on that.
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