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Well it's all clear.God knows everything.He knows evern what we did ,what we're going to do.So it is useless to punish us when he programmed everything right?

Sorry but got created sin.God created everything!he is the Allmighty!Forgotten?
You are taking everything completely out of context. We have free will, we decide what we do, we are not robots. Murder, lust, envy, greed are not from God...they are things that we do. If you fail to see this, then I cannot help you.

I cannot think of the countless scholars who understand this stuff even better than I do. The theories make sense to them, whether they believe IN it or not...they even say it's based on faith.

Anyways, I'm going to leave this discussion for now. Before, when Gearjoneser, Guitar Toad, and Les Strat were responding, it actually was a pleasant one for a while.