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Thread: EVH Frankenstrat Project.

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    Default EVH Frankenstrat Project.

    Im making me a project strat just lyk Eddies. (the one with black stripes on a solid white body). As you all probably know, this axe only had one pup, a bridge humbucker. As you have probably worked out by now, I want your advice on what pickup to put there.

    looking for a guns and roses, metallica and iron maiden sound.

    I know i keep asking questions lyk this but you guys normally give the right awnsers and i just luv you guys.

    I leeve it to you.

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    Default Re: EVH Frankenstrat Project.

    Hello -

    I'm actually doing something similar - getting a guitar with only one humbucker trying to get the same tones you're looking for. I have decided to go with the duncan distortion. I have one already in my ibanez rg550 (basswood body/maple neck) and it just kills in that guitar. I use it for all my rhythm and lead sounds. The only thing i would say is that it is weak in the clean department, not exactly what i want for clean sounds - too thin sounding.

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    Default Re: EVH Frankenstrat Project.

    I'm guessing you're gonna get reccomendations for the JB, Custom, Invader, and EMG 81 just for a few to start with.

    Those pickups I mentioned are all good, but don't rule out Gibson or Dimarzio pickups in your pursuit for the right one.

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