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  • Get the sound and look of a great vintage Strat!

  • The fastest way for Strat players to design their own tones.

  • To capture the precise tone and performance of Original Blackouts™ pickups, Seymour Duncan created the specially voiced Blackouts™ Coil Pack, a replacement humbucker designed specifically for use with the Blackouts Modular Preamp. The Coil Pack will be available as a stand-alone neck or bridge humbucker or in a two-humbucker set packaged together with the Blackouts Modular Preamp.

  • Seymour Duncan has taken its award-winning, low-noise Blackouts™ balanced differential preamp out of the pickup and integrated it with a high-quality volume pot. Blackouts™ Modular Preamp is an ingenious way to get that high-gain, active guitar sound with any passive four-conductor pickup. Simply by swapping a volume pot for a Blackouts Modular Preamp volume pot, you can get active pickup performance with a more classic look.
  • With three of our Stack Plus pickups, this prewired pickguard delivers big, beefy tones without sacrificing the chime and "quack" of a great vintage Strat.
  • This prewired pickguard assembly boasts a trio of Seymour Duncan pickups, custom-selected for maximum sonic versatility.

  • With a Liberator installed in place of a volume pot, changing pickups becomes fast, easy, and solder-free, but just as reliable. In fact, it's more reliable than a less-than-perfect solder joint. You simply insert the bare end of each pickup lead into one of Liberator's pickup connector stations and tighten the screw-clamp to lock it down. Turning the screw lifts up a carriage that locks the wire against a fixed pad, securing the connection in place. It's completely simple, and completely solid.

  • Custom-crafted by Bourns® to exact Seymour Duncan specifications, the Seymour Duncan Smooth-Turning Potentiometer features high-quality construction, tapered control, and a feel that's just right--all from a name you trust. Use it as a volume pot or tone control. You can feel the difference!
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