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bass pickups
  • Active pickups and electronics voiced for the aggressive bass tones of metal, classic metal, punk and heavy rock.

  • On board Tone Circuits add tremendous tonal versatility. Enables the player to add or subtract EQ at center frequencies voiced specifically for electric bass. Features low noise, low distortion and high headroom. Voiced for use with Blackouts for Bass but with switchable treble control, it’s also useful for all musical styles and genres.
  • Same amazing 9-volt active pickups as 6-string Blackouts, but built to direct retrofit nearly all 7-string electric guitars, thanks to two cover sizes.
  • Perfect for old school metal and new school screamers, especially dark pounding metal that incorporates extreme lows.

  • 9-volt active humbucker for aggressive playing styles. Recommended for old school metal, garage, punk, thrash, drop tunings, and other heavy rock styles.
  • Mick Thomson/Slipknot asked for even tighter bottom, and more searing top end cut, and Seymour Duncan delivered with the EMTY, a pulverizing addition to our Blackouts line.
  • Updated, redesigned, and re-launched version of LiveWires Metal humbucker with new preamp, new voicing, and ability to switch between output levels.

  • Hot but balanced single coil tone in a direct retrofit for Stratocaster® guitars. Ideal for heavy blues, classic rock, and heavy rock.
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