Rewind single coil starts at $65.00 and it will depend on type of pickup
Rewinding Humbucker will start at $85.00
Coil Winding-hand or scatter winding “Call for Quote”
Coil Winding-parallel winding-2 or more wires “Call for Quote”
Custom & Modified Covers “Call for Quote”
Custom Dun-Aged Magnet Calibration $30
Custom Pole Configuration “Call for Quote” see
Custom Pole Spacing “Call for Quote” see
Custom Schematics & Wiring “Call for Quote”

Is my pickup North or South?

Polarity Test Magnets from the Custom Shop New $15
Personalized Items: “New” “Call for Quote” see
Engraved Covers “New” “Call for Quote” see
Engraved Flatwork “New” “Call for Quote”
Engraved Pickguards “New” “Call for Quote”
Engraved Truss Rod Covers-Name or Band “New” “Call for Quote”
Serial Numbering-Metal and plastic parts “New” “Call for Quote”
Stencils-1/4", 1/2", 3/4", 1" “New” “Call for Quote”
Change single and 4 conductor hookup wire $20
New single conductor leads (for Strat-Tele etc) $15
Change Magnets (Humbucker) $20

You name it and we'll do it!

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