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  • The Black Winter fills the needs of extreme metal guitarists with a tone that provides crushing distortion, punishing mids and lots of aggressive saturation.
  • The Pegasus uses an alnico 5 magnet and custom designed coils for tonal balance and moderate output. Huge chords and complex arpeggios are equally perfect.

  • Created for total sonic obliteration on 7 & 8 string guitars, the Nazgûl starts where most passive high output pickups stop.

  • Built exclusively for 7 & 8 string players, the Sentient neck pickup is the perfect match for natural, complex warmth and tight articulation.

  • The Invader is a high output monster voiced to saturate the notes you play with extra aggression and thump.
  • The Duncan Distortion has been a staple for Metal, Thrash, Punk, and Hard rock players spanning generations.  Now that classic vicious attack is ready for 7 & 8 string guitars.
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