You can't always pull out a unique guitar for every tone requirement, but this matched set for Strat® produces an amazing variety of tones. All three pickups are true humbuckers, so forget about that pesky 60-cycle hum that can haunt Strat-style guitars.

For the bridge position there's the SJBJ-1b JB Jr.™ a single coil-size version of our popular JB™ humbucker, loved for its high output, rich harmonics, and bright and articulate highs.

The SDBR-1n Duckbucker™ is recommended for the middle. It has all the "quack" of a vintage Strat®, with none of the hum. Recommended for the neck position is the SL59-1n Little '59™, which gives the warm, fat tone of a vintage P.A.F. humbucker. This calibrated set turns your Strat® into an incredibly versatile instrument, perfect for all musical styles. And the elimination of 60-cycle hum is a bonus that will make your engineer's life easier. Wiring diagram and mounting hardware included.