I wound this pickup hotter for added output and fullness. Like my Texas Hot™, this pickup is both magnetically and physically aged to sound and look like a '50s Strat pickup but with an added punch. Each comes with a specially aged cover. I don't just mold my covers with custom colors so that they look old. The magnets are calibrated and the coils are wound "top going" with North polarity, the same as the early vintage models. Each pickup comes complete with screws, schematics, and vintage "push back" cloth braid hookup wire.

Antiquity™ for Strat® Custom Bridge
top pickup length: 2.642
top pickup width: .615
bottom pickup length: 3.392
bottom pickup width: .908
total pickup height: .582
total magnet height: .705
winding direction: top going
magnet polarity: north
calibrated yes
pickup cover length: 2.750
pickup cover width: .700
pickup cover height: .495
height adjustment 6/32 oval head, phillips
magnet pattern: staggered & raised above flatword
DC Ohms:  9.7K
Inductance 4.08 henries
Q: 2.52