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  • The first effects pedal designed specifically to work together with the pickups in a guitar to achieve optimum gain and resonance for all tonal applications. Works with all musical styles.

  • Production version of boutique fuzz pedal that features a six-position "Tweak" control for tonal versatility. Great for pop, classic rock, heavy rock, punk and metal.

  • High-quality, two-channel, guitar preamp. Uses a duet of premium, mil-spec, subminiature, USA-made Phillips-Sylvania® 6021 dual triode tubes. Great for country, blues, surf, classic rock.

  • Modern tube distortion for peeling the paint off the walls! This high-gain companion to our Twin Tube Classic features 3-bands of active EQ (with switchable mid-range frequency), and a solo-boost channel that will enable your leads to slice through any mix.

  • Solid state distortion/overdrive with incredible dynamic range. Even at the highest gain settings, you can turn down your guitar's volume control and the Lava Box will clean up beautifully.

  • For SFX-06 Paranormal Bass EQ - The Paranormal Bass Direct Box is a super flexible stage and studio tool. It functions as a direct box with three bands of active EQ and a dedicated Slap Contour switch. It’s a must for every gig and every session.

  • If you like the smooth, easy-to-dial-in sound of vintage amp tremolo, you'll love the Shape Shifter™ Tap Tremolo. But if you also crave unrestrained versatility and you want to delve into ultra-modern experimental sounds like flutters, shimmers, warbles and even radical "helicopter chops," the Shape Shifter is also your tremolo.

  • Seymour's distortion pedal combines all the gain you'll ever need with 3-bands of active EQ to satisfy all of your rock n roll needs. Crank up the gain for super saturation and sustain, or back it off for that touch-sensitive classic dirt.
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