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Frequently Asked Questions:

250k or 500k, which pots should I use?

You can theoretically use either 250k or 500k pots. They will both work. 250k pots are typically used with true single coil pickups, but can be used with stacked single coil or humbucker pickups. 250k pots will tame the highs a bit, while the 500k will allow the pickup to be a bit brighter. We usually suggest 500k pots with humbucker pickups. If you have stacked or humbucker pickups that you're mixing with true single coils, we would suggest using 250k pots. More info here.

Do I need SH or TB pickups in my guitar?

One way to determine which one to go with - If the measurement at the bridge between low and high E strings measures less than 2", you can use a standard humbucker. If its 2" or greater, use a trembucker.  More info here.

How does hum canceling work?

For two coils to hum-cancel with each other (and sound in phase), they MUST be wound in opposite directions AND the magnetism MUST be opposite for each coil (one coil must be south, and one must be north). It is the winding direction that dictates the hum-canceling. The magnetism simply becomes an issue so that the phasing is correct. If the winding are opposite, but the magnetism is not, then you will have two coils that hum-cancel with each other, but sound out-of-phase like a wah pedal is on. More info here.

Which capacitors should I use in my guitar? 

There are many different capacitors that you can use. It's really a personal preference. The capacitor just affects the curve of the tone pot, and how much tone is rolled off when you turn it down. With the tone knob wide open, it's not attributing to the sound of the pickup very much. Here's an article that might help you decide which one to use. 


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