Dime was on a tone quest for a long time before he and Washburn Guitars came to us. He had tried numerous custom wound pickups, but none were giving him the tone he was looking for. At the time Dime and Washburn came to us, Dime was using a custom wound pickup that he called an XXL-500. It was not available to the public. And it was still not giving Dime his tone. That's when Dime and Washburn turned to us. We started with Dime's best-sounding XXL-500 and then made numerous tweaks. We changed the magnet type, the wire gauge, the number of turns, and other factors. Dime tested the pickups on tour, so they got real world "arena" testing. After a few back-and-forth exchanges, we finally nailed his tone. And that's the SH-13 Dimebucker. It's the pickup that Dime used and -- for the first time -- the pickup Dime used is available to the public. It works great in Dime's solid state amps as well as tube amps. For more information about Dime and the Dimebucker, read his interview on this site. Dime did a great job describing the distortion quality of the pickup. We were very priviledged to work with Dime and we mourned his tragic death. R.I.P.