Duncan Performer pickups are a mid-level brand of pickups exclusive to Guitar Center stores. These pickups were designed in our Santa Barbara factory and are built by hand to our spec in Korea's finest pickup workshop. Because they use Korean materials and labor, we're able to bring them to market at a lower price point. They're designed to appeal to an entry-level or mid-level player who wouldn't otherwise be exposed to the notion that changing pickups can greatly improve a guitarist's tone.
"Duncan Performer" pickups basically the same pickups as the "Duncan Designed" OEM pickups that are found on select Jackson, Hamer, ESP and Schecter instruments, just packaged for over-the-counter sale. The "Snarks" Strat and "Alley Kat" P-Bass pickups use Alnico V pole pieces. The "Buck Shot" humbucker is based on a Duncan Distortion and "Scorchers" are an even hotter version of our Hot Rails pickup. For more details, see below:

"Buck Shot" Retail Price is $79
D. C. Resistance: Neck 8.13K, Bridge 17.08K

Single Coil for Strat
"Snarks" Retail Price is $59
D. C. Resistance: 6.14K

Hot Rails for Strat
"Scorchers" Retail Price is $84
D. C. Resistance: 24.42K (this is not a mistake)

"Sledge Hammer" Retail Price is $76
D. C. Resistance: 7.67K