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[Note: Unaccompanied minors will require parental permission and a signed limited medial power of attorney form]

[Note: If you are traveling by air, please e-mail Dewi Villasenor [] with your travel itinerary once you know it.]

All participants will be required to sign and return a Release and Waiver of Liability Agreement before being allowed to participate in UGD. Click here for a copy of the agreement. Please print it, read it carefully, and seek professional legal advice if you are unsure of its contents. Minors much also obtain the signature of a parent or guardian. After signing, please return it, with an original signature, to:

Dewi Villasenor Seymour Duncan Pickups 5427 Hollister Ave. Santa Barbara, CA 93111

Also, you can fax the signed Release and Waiver of Liability Agreement to (805) 964-9749 (Atten: Dewi) or scan it and e-mail it as a pdf to

Thanks for your participation in User Group Day.

"This is going to be epic, my friends." - Evan Skopp, User Group Day 2005