The Pagey Project: Postscript

Does this guitar LOOK like it has over a hundred settings?

Just a quick follow-up on the Pagey project, which first recreated the original Jimmy Page wiring scheme, and then explored an even  more extreme version using Seymour Duncan Triple Shot Mounting Rings.

Once I’d finished the project, I had to decide whether to keep the guitar heavily modded, or revert to something simpler. It probably won’t surprise you to hear I decided to keep the extreme Phase 2 wiring, with its added germanium overdrive.

But as cool as the Duncan ’59 model pickups sounded, I wanted to revisit the Duncan Seth Lover pickups I’d previously had in the guitar. They’re bright — twangy, even — compared to the ’59s, and I like the midrange honk they add by virtue of being unpotted. (I’ve written about the pros and cons of potting here.)

I’ve recorded an example of how the guitar sounds with the Seth Lovers. (You can’t make exact comparisons with the previous Pagey videos, since I used an amp for those, while the new examples were recorded through an amp simulator, though the “Seth” character still shines through.) I’ve included the clip in the post after/above this one, because it’s my first audio example using SoundCloud, and I wanted to say a few words about that.

"There's GOLD in that thar pickup!"

And call me shallow, but…I really dig the way my guitar looks with the Seth Lovers installed. Between the teensy switches on the mounting rings and the push/pull pots, you really have to look hard to tell the guitar is not merely non-stock — it’s a morbidly overdeveloped tweak machine.

Funny — I’ve always found gold hardware a little bit tacky. But now I’m so enthusiastic about the look of gold that I feel like this guy at the right.

5 comments to The Pagey Project: Postscript

  • PAFs really were bright and twangy. I’m not sure where people got the idea that they are dark sounding. When I wind a PAF style humbucker it’s also bight and twangy.

    Gold really is the correct look for an LP Custom. That’s the way Lester wanted it. 🙂

  • So getting over the gold hardware aversion was just a matter of finding a great sounding  guitar? I suffer from this affliction, and have probably passed up some great guitars because of it. But whenever I see a guitar with gold hardware, I get this image of an old guy in a white suit and shoes, unbuttoned shirt, and too much gold jewelry.

    • Jerry Dunaway

      I’m more of a silver (or white gold when it comes to jewelry) guy, too. But last year I got a stupid deal on a goldtop body with a set neck (“off-brand”), and it just SCREAMED for gold hardware. So I got gold tuners and bridge parts, as well as gold filtertron-style pickups. On the right guitar (I would suggest white, black, gold or burgundy — used to have a 335 knockoff by Yamaha that had gold hardware and it looked pretty sharp), gold can actually look pretty cool.

      Here’s the goldtop once it was finished…

  • Oinkus

     First LP I ever got to handle alot was a early 70s Custom Black with Gold Hardware and I have always associated that look/style with what a LP should look like. Was such a nice guitar even after it was stolen and left in a ditch then restored into a beautiful sunburst by Bill Colgan(R.I.P.)

  • JH

       Well I guess it’s guitar bling! Not really for me either ( the gold hardware ) But its on mine. I was going to change it to chrome when I changed the tuners for locking schallers. But left it and got gold tuners.  Gold… just not my style.
        I have to say I like the versatility of the guitar with the triple shots, the series, and phase push/pulls. The other two, the artec bcu and the exp, well maybe get rid of the exp. Put another volume put so I’ll have the two volumes again. But the bcu stays! I like that thing.   Thats all the changes I think.
       I kind of did the same thing for my brother a long time ago. I put two switches under the pickguard. They switched from series/split/paralell for each of the pickups, so I was familiar with the sounds. I also put in the master series, and phase reverse push pulls. Ha Ha, he was like a kid in a candy store…….. To bad the Led Zeppelin songbook I gave him he put in the case under the middle of the neck, and put the guitar away like that for 3 months.  Wow did that give it a real nice back bow!