Wavelength™ Duo

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An under-saddle transducer and omni-directional condenser mic with a high-headroom preamp.


Capture the full range, detail, body and character of your acoustic guitar with the Wavelength Duo. As part of our Acoustic Pro line, this system combines the Wavelength Solo pickup system and a high quality condenser microphone for the most natural sound possible. This system is available in both nylon-string and steel-string options.

The Duo uses the Wavelength unitary design, piezoelectric co-polymer, under-saddle pickup, and a highly efficient, miniature omni-directional electret condenser microphone. This microphone is nestled in a special absorptive, visco-elastic polymer shock mount for optimal isolation. Two lightweight, low-profile knobs allow for master volume and microphone volume. The microphone channel has two stages of frequency roll-off to combat low frequency resonant feedback. You can even wire it in stereo to separate the pickup and mic outputs for connecting to a two-channel preamp. And the two sound sources are coupled to an 18V high-headroom, low-noise, high-input impedance preamp with twice the dynamic range of typical 9V systems.

Tech Specs

  • Noise: <-95 dBV
  • Distortion: <0.05%


Alberto Ziliotto - Frenesia - Acoustic Guitar

Alberto Ziliotto - Frenesia - Acoustic Guitar

The Last Of The Mohicans - 7 Strings Guitar with Multi-Source

The Last Of The Mohicans - 7 Strings Guitar with Multi-Source

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