Tyler Morris

Tyler Drew Morris is a guitar player from the suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts. He has played with various artists including Sammy Hagar, Vince Neil, Phil Collen, Yngwie J. Malmsteen as well as many others. He has recorded with Eddie Kramer at East West Studios in Hollywood, Waterville Studios, Taylor Barefoot Productions and Mad Oak Studios. In January of 2015, Tyler released his debut album, “And So […] Continue Reading

Jack O’Shea

JJack Was born in Massachusetts in 1976 and started playing guitar with his friends at 9 years old. Drawn initially to punk, hardcore and metal, he and his friends started trying to learn all of the songs by their favorite bands.  As he got older and his music tastes changed so did his playing and most of his influences from rock, punk and metal to jazz […] Continue Reading

Andres Gimenez

Andrés Giménez has been regarded as one of the most important Spanish-speaking metal leaders. He has been the only metal singer and guitar player to perform at the legendary Teatro Colón opera house in the City of Buenos Aires, where he set to music the poems of the great writers Jorge Luis Borges and Pablo Neruda. Andrés is one of the most world-renowned musicians and producers […] Continue Reading

Greg Howe

Greg Howe started playing the guitar at the age of 10 and by his middle teens, after discovering Van Halen, became obsessed with the guitar. By his late teens he had already begun playing in clubs with his rock band, which featured his brother Al on lead vocals. Over the course of the next few years Greg continued to hone his guitar skills while playing and […] Continue Reading

Dylan Furr

At age 23, Dylan is a an internationally acclaimed guitar prodigy in the world of metal and rock. He writes progressive music that features tasteful lines of jazz fusion, djent, melody and shred. Others have called him a guitar master based on his high level of musical knowledge and his constant need of raising the bar. He shares all he knows with online lessons for fans […] Continue Reading

Dave Nassie

Dave Nassie started playing guitar at the age of 9, and started teaching guitar at the age of 14 at Antmann School Of Music. Dave began studying at local schools in Orange County California, studying the theory courses taught by Howard Antmann and technique studies with the late Brian Jones. Through the years he has worked with artist such as Joey Tafolla. He has played with […] Continue Reading

Gary Jannaman

Gary Jannaman is a Nashville-based touring and session guitar player. He was born and raised in Newark, DE before moving to Nashville in 2006. Gary is now the guitarist for country artist, Tyler Farr. He has worked with artists, Josh Gracin, Rachel Farley, and has continually been a part of sessions, showcases, TV shows and tours of various musical styles.  Continue Reading

Kyle Nicolaides

“I’m back from the dead, I’m about to raise hell. Out of my coma, I’m ready to show you that season of my life is done.” So taunts Kyle Nicolaides at the start of Are You Real?, the new Beware of Darkness album and the front man’s biggest and boldest statement yet. As a saw-toothed, satin guitar riff slices into a crunching groove, the song serves […] Continue Reading

Steve Cook

“I play bass and make records. I catch flies with my bare hands. Phil Vassar still hates my coffee. He really hates my coffee.” – Steve Cook   Hailing from Virginia Beach, VA, Steve Cook has been a stage and studio fixture in Nashville for the past decade. At age 13, armed with $100, he went to the local pawn shop and purchased his first bass, […] Continue Reading