• 09/09 Limeira Brazil
  • 09/16 Belo Horizonte Brazil
  • 09/19 Curitiba Brazil
  • 09/22 FORTALEZA Brazil
  • 09/26 Santiago Chile
  • 10/04 Ciudad de Mexico Mexico
  • 10/06 Monterrey Mexico
  • 11/09 Jersey City United States
  • 11/30 St. Louis United States
  • 09/14 Brazil
  • 09/18 Porto Alegre Brazil
  • 09/21 Manaus Brazil
  • 09/25 Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires Argentina
  • 09/27 Lima Peru
  • 10/05 Queretaro Mexico
  • 10/07 Guadalajara Mexico
  • 11/20 Omaha United States
  • 12/05 Orlando United States

Alex's Bio

Alex Webster is the bassist and a founding member of the death metal band Cannibal  Corpse. Throughout their 27 year career he has been their only bass player and has  performed on all of their recordings and releases. He has also toured extensively with Cannibal Corpse, having performed in over 50 countries in 6 continents.  In addition to his work with Cannibal Corpse, Alex is also the bassist for two of extreme metal’s most renowned instrumental bands, Blotted Science and Conquering Dystopia. He has also made occasional guest appearances on other extreme metal recordings, most notably on Hate Eternal’s album “Fury and Flames”.   In 2011 Alex released an instructional book/CD package through Hal Leonard publishing called Extreme Metal Bass. The book explains the techniques and concepts he has used throughout his career and shows how these can be applied through a series of musical examples. Alex also wrote a monthly column for UK’s Bass Guitar magazine, and has been a guest clinician at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston.

Alex Webster on Twitter

"@vane_band Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! I think Doug's a great podcast host, looking forward to seeing who he has on next."