Daniel's Bio

Born January 1980, Daniel first realised he wanted to play the guitar after watching his father Colin Young rehearse regularly in the living room. Then after watching Back to the Future at the cinema, Daniel would mimic the Johnny B Goode scene on his toy electric guitar. However, it wasn’t until age 14 that Daniel received his first guitar lesson from his father as several operations on his left elbow due to a fracture a few years earlier had left him without feeling in his left hand. The physiotherapist and his father agreed playing the guitar might help with rehabilitation, which it did! Daniel was a top 20 sponsors choice finalist in the world’s largest guitar talent contest Guitar Idol 3 in 2011 which enabled Daniel to go onto work with the Arts Council England to showcase awareness for musicians with Aspergers. Recently, Daniel has been producing product demonstrations for Seymour Duncan pickups which include signature gear demos for artists such as Slash, Yngwie Malmsteen and most recently Jason Beckers Perpetual Burn signature pickup. Daniel has also had the pleasure of helping launch Seymour Duncans new line of professional quality foot pedals.

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