Three Cool Alternate Wiring Schemes for Telecaster®

One of the great things about the Telecaster is the fact that there are so many cool alternate wiring schemes you can use. I want to tell you about three of my favorites.

Tips From The Recording Studio

Howdy folks – Johnny Hawthorn here giving a little insight on what to prepare and look out for when you get called into the studio for a recording session (even if you are just going in to record some songs with your band). Time is one of the critical factors usually when recording and the…

Tasty Tone: Seymour Duncan Custom Shop Éclair

Like pretty much everyone reading this, I’m a guitarist and a Seymour Duncan fan. A while back, Seymour and I interacted on Facebook on his birthday and he had told me that MJ had made him a very special Eclair. To my knowledge I stupidly thought he was talking about a special pickup set rather than the tasty desert. I called MJ and asked her how the Eclairs sounded, and she immediately started laughing. So right then and there we started coming up with a pickup idea tailored to creating a new pickup for Seymour that would meet his tonal needs, and which also met mine.

My New Cherry Red Tele-Gib

Hey friends. Been working on a new project guitar based on the Tele-Gib I built for Jeff Beck back in 1974. At the time I was working at the Fender Soundhouse in London, and Jeff Beck was over at the CBS studios recording his second album. The “Tele-Gib” was a hybrid guitar that started out…

History of Seymour Duncan Products

For 37 years Seymour Duncan has been developing products to help musicians find their voice and get the most out of their instrument. We thought it would be fun to look back at when some of our more notable products came out.

Finding The Right String Gauge For Metal Players

Fresh off a recent tour with Jeff Loomis and currently in the studio working on a new release for his band Shaded Enmity, Joe Nurre joins us to write about picking out the right string gauge for metal. When I first started using a 7 string and guitars in alternate tunings, I found myself constantly…

Capturing The Magic of Vintage Guitar Pickups

There’s something about having a guitar with the right pickup that will make you feel like the “cream” of the chops! The above photo is one of my Antiquity “aged” humbucking pickups. It’s cosmetically aged to look 50 years old. The main reason I designed this pickup to look old is for guitarist over the…

Seymour Duncan Antiquities: Vintage Hallmarks

Choosing a guitar can be daunting task – not to mention choosing the right set of pickups! The choices are overwhelming. But what if you have an old guitar and want to change pickups but want to retain the old vintage looks? In that case they’re only so little things you can do. You can choose to put the old covers on new pickups, learn to live with the fresh new look of the new pickups, or take a look at Seymour Duncan’s Antiquity Series pickups.

The Story of the Tele-Gib

Back in 1974 I was working in London at the Fender Soundhouse where I was doing guitar repair and modifications. One of the benefits of working at Fender was that I had a chance to meet so many great guitarists that rehearsed on the third floor sound studio.

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