Top Ten Most Recognizable Basslines

Whether you love or hate the song or band, you hear two second (if that) of the bassline and immediately know what song it is, and who’s playing it. And usually, if you go into Guitar Center, there’s a really good chance you’ll hear someone play one of these lines, albeit badly. And if you’re…

Silver Zephyr SPB-1 or Zephyr Voltron

There are a lot of options in the Seymour Duncan Custom Shop for us bass players. Whether you want something that’s fairly simple (like SPB-3 pole pieces with the SPB-1 wind) or something crazier, the folks at the Custom Shop can make it. With that in mind, when I was spec’ing out the parts for my new bass build, I knew we had to have some very special pickups in it. And it hit me:

Flatwound Roundtable

If you’ve read my original bass string primer, you’ll know that there are many different tonal characteristics to be found in the roundwound string realm.

Right Hand Tonal Options

When you’re inspired, you reach for your “favorite” instrument. You have your “favorite” set up, strings, tone, etc.. But what about those times when your “favorite” just isn’t working?

Ten Things To Bail You Out Of A Gig Disaster

In the span of my gigging career, I’ve encountered a number of situations that have left me saying, “I really wish I had had that!” Thankfully, those were issues that were easily resolved by procuring said item and sticking it in my bag for next time. With that, let’s discuss ten things that will bail you out of a gig, should any issue arise.

Bass Strings: A Primer

To the beginner, a set of strings seems just like any old thing that can be thrown on your bass to make some awesome noise. As you get older and play out more, you start to notice some subtle differences in the various brands, and the different tonal options that are available to you with just a restringing. And then, you start to wonder about the difference between a roundwound and flatwound set of strings, and your mind is blown.

The SD Custom Shop: Bass Edition

Ever since I got the SPB-4 Steve Harris Signature Pickup in my Lakland 44/64 bass, I’ve been pretty happy. Out of all the Seymour Duncan Precision Bass pickups, this one is easily my favorite and sounded the best out of all the other SD pups that were in my bass. But, restless spirits being what they are, I wondered if I could change the sound again which, after looking at the pickups again, wandered over to the Seymour Duncan Custom Shop to see what they could whip up.

SD Mini-Humbuckers and the Hofner Beatle Bass

The Hofner Violin Bass is an icon in and of itself, due to one particular musician that happened to do pretty well in the 60s. It’s also an interesting instrument, because while it is classified as a short scale (30″) instrument, it actually requires a set of strings that would be classified as medium scale…

Bass Tone Caps: From The Top

Many guitarists know the simple truth; change your tone voicing by switching out the capacitor on your tone pot. This has led many guitarists on a long quest for finding the ultimate cap to achieve their tone. Usually though, most bassists never think that changing the capacitor on their tone knob will unlock the tone that they’ve been seeking. We’ll talk about some of the benefits of using different value tone caps in your bass, as well as a couple of easy tips to give you some more options.

Top Ten: Bassists You Should Listen To

Maybe it’s because I’m feeling nostalgic now that David Letterman has announced his retirement, and with that comes the retirement of his infamous Top Ten List. Maybe it’s because I enjoy sharing my opinion on bassists you should listen to, and like reading a lot of angry retorts. But maybe, as a musician that works hard to continually improve, listening is one of the easiest things we can do to achieve that goal. And with that in mind, I present to you yet another TOP TEN list, but this one’s a bit different. These are guys/gals that you probably haven’t heard of, but you owe it to yourself to listen to them.

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