Let’s Talk About Sustain

It’s fairy common to read about sustain in guitar reviews. Some guitars have lots of it, some have less. We sometimes perceive that a guitar is better if it has lots of sustain compared to if it doesn’t. Let’s pull on a thread to unravel the tapestry of what ‘sustain’ means in a technical and musical sense. Continue Reading

Small Fixes For Big Problems

  Guitars are complicated instruments: there are so many parts needed to make it work that it’s no wonder sometimes a part breaks down or wears out. Fortunately, a lot of problems can be solved with very little effort and cost, so you can make sure your guitar doesn’t end up with one of the problems I listed in this article. Those 10 signs your guitar […] Continue Reading

Different Woods, Different Tones

Previously, the reason behind the different tones that different woods create has been explained. The different tones themselves were not fully explored, though. In this article I will give a global overview of the different tone woods, the sound they produce and in some cases their purpose. This is by no means a complete picture, only a global overview. Continue Reading

Headstock Shapes: Keeping Your Head Cool!

A necessary part of the guitar (well, most anyway – let’s not get into headlesses for the moment) is the headstock. The piece of wood that holds the tuners in place, who in their turn hold the strings so you can adjust their individual pitch so you can play in tune with others. This piece of wood at the extremity of the guitar comes in all […] Continue Reading

Parallel Axis Trembucker: My Experiences

One of my Les Pauls was in need of new pickups, and I decided to step out of my comfort zone. I usually get PAF-style pickups and I occasionally go a bit hotter, but I decided to try the Seymour Duncan PATB-1 and PATB-2 pickups. I asked Seymour Duncan to change the magnets though. Instead of the Alnico 5 for the PATB-1 and the ceramic for the PATB-2, I chose Alnico 8 magnet bars for both. Continue Reading

Sensual Sensual Singlecoils

In an effort to make his Telecaster more versatile Leo Fender designed the Stratocaster. A radical double-cut design with a truly unique vibrato bridge and three single coil pickups was what the major changes entailed. The guitar Leo designed is still one of the most popular guitars in the world. The tones are unmistakable 'Stratocaster,' and the clear yet warm tones have been embraced by, literally, generations of guitar players. But is that reputation really an earned one, or is the popularity of the Stratocaster nothing but a simple reaction to having nothing else available in the fifties and sixties, with as its penultimate result being embraced by millions of players? Continue Reading

Help! I Have A Microphone In My Guitar!

You inherit a rather old guitar, made by a known guitar manufacturer in Kalamazoo, somewhere in the seventies. You play the guitar on every occasion you get: at home, in band practice and on stage. Your band gains some momentum and the venues get bigger and bigger and suddenly you are being struck with a high-pitched, shrieky noise coming from your amp. Continue Reading

Neck Vs Bridge Pickups

Pickups come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and with so much tonal variety that it can be a daunting task for a novice to find out what pickup would suit their needs. It is imaginable that a player who plays predominantly jazz would rather have a pickup with a very clear and articulated tone, so their complex chords don’t turn in to a tonal […] Continue Reading