How To Solder

In this article I'll take you through the various things you'll need to know about soldering to work on your guitar. You'll need to know how to protect your guitar, how to solder to lugs, how to de-solder wires, how to clean contacts,and how to solder to the back of a pot. But first, lets make sure we've got the right equipment. Continue Reading

An Audience With Rob 'Chappers' Chapman

One of my personal highlights of the NAMM show back in January was the Chapman Guitars stand. Rob Chapman is very well known in the UK as a guitarist for two reasons: his involvement in various bands - currently the excellent Dorje - and his superb gear demonstrations and reviews on YouTube. Continue Reading

Getting To Know SD – #1: MJ

Here at Seymour Duncan we think of ourselves as family - not just within the company, but with everyone who loves music, whether it be bedroom players, the geezers at the local open mic, the hero on a stadium stage in front of hundreds of thousands of fans, or those same fans themselves. As readers of our blog, we want you to think of us as family too. The aim of this series is for you to get to know us a bit better, so this will be an occasional series where we profile the people who make Seymour Duncan the special company it is. Continue Reading

How To Sound Like David Gilmour

Oh dear. What a challenge I’ve set myself with this article’s title. David Gilmour is an amazing player, known for both incredible tone and highly emotive technique and note choice. He regularly appears in the top 3 (often at number 1) when guitar publications hold “best solo ever” polls. From iconic releases like Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here and The Wall through […] Continue Reading

What Is Modelling?

Guitar amplification is very different to most other types of amplification. In music amplification, such as in your home stereo, the goal is to produce an output that is an accurate reproduction of the input in every possible respect, but louder. Technology can help us with this - it's a very defined goal and it can be measured. Continue Reading

Is There A "Pop Sound"?

Discussions about how to get "that" tone are usually centred around a particular genre. It's easy to discuss rock, jazz, metal or country tones, because the genre itself carries an implication about a rough tonal ballpark. When we talk about rock, we immediately bring to mind various overdrive and distortion sounds. Jazz makes us think of that warm, articulate clean tone. Metal is all about crushing distortion, and country musicians can't get enough twang. Continue Reading

How To Impress With Your Guitar

One of many reasons for my starting to play the guitar was to impress girls. Yes, I know it’s shallow but I was 14, and most things I did involved attempts to impress girls in some way. However, it turns out just buying a Squier Strat and leaving it in your bedroom isn’t quite enough. And then if you do get to the point that someone’s […] Continue Reading

10 Signs You May Be Addicted To Guitar Modding

As everyone knows, the first step is admitting you have a problem. But guitar modding addiction is, as yet, unrecognised by the medical and psychiatric fields. If you think you might need help, examine our list of symptoms to help you make your diagnosis. Continue Reading

Guitar Wiring Explored: The Spin-a-Split Mod

In a previous article we looked at how to rig up a simple switch to split a humbucker to a single coil. This gives two very different sounds. But wouldn't it be nice if we could choose not just those two sounds, but anything in between as well? This is where the Spin-a-Split modification comes in. Continue Reading

Guitar Wiring Explored: Adding a Blower Switch

We’ve all been there: you’ve dialed in a sweet rhythm tone – the neck volume is on seven and the bridge volume is on… whatever it’s on, you weren’t looking. And the tone controls are turned to the precise value of “where it sounds right.” You’re grooving away and suddenly it’s time for the solo! You switch to the bridge pickup, roll all the controls up to full, […] Continue Reading