So You Want to Get a Bit ‘More’ Out of Your Pickup…

So you’ve got a great bridge pickup that just really shoots flames when running through a hot guitar amp. It’s awesome, but you find yourself wanting just a little bit ‘more’. Not more in the sense of hitting the amp up with a boost or overdrive pedal, but ‘more’ from your pickup. There is a pretty easy way to achieve this with a DPDT on/on switch or push/pull (or push/push) potentiometer, some wire, and some simple soldering skills.

The Duncan Custom – Pumped Up and Pushed to 11

I want my bridge pickup to be able to cut through the mix. It needs to really crunch, have a percussive quality when playing muted parts, and have a fast response. The other thing is that I need the pickup to not be too hot, it needs to retain some organic qualities. I mostly aim for bridge pickups that are in the ball-park of medium to high output, where there is enough on tap to get some really heavy tones, but not so much that you lose that “woody” sound.

Sizzling Hot Texas Tone With The Pearly Gates

When it comes to neck humbuckers I’m a fan of fairly bright, cutting tones with no mud. A neck pickup needs to have a fairly clean sound, even when under a lot of distortion. I like for it to have a bit of attitude too. I have no time for ‘friendly’ sounding pickups. But they do need to clean up nicely and split well too.

Perri Ink Guitars releases the Anthem

Seymour Duncan Artist Nick Perri (Shinedown, Perry Farrell, Silvertide, Matt Sorum, SINAI) has just released his latest line of guitars under the Perri Ink. Guitars brand. The Anthem is made distinctive by it’s hand-made Perri Ink. Cartel American Flag pickguard and its use of a Callaham bridge. This, combined with it’s eye catching natural wood…

Choosing a Strat Pickguard

So you’ve got a Strat, and it’s nice, but sometimes you are just after something else from the guitar. A different tone, the ability to play completely different styles of music, or just the ability to just swap pickups with only the use of a few screw drivers. Seymour Duncan can make your life extremely easy with their collection of Liberator pickguards for Strat®.

Tinkering with Pickups 102 – The Humbucker Magnet Swap

In Tinkering with pickups 101 we went through some fairly simple modifications that can alter the tone of humbucker pickups. These were fairly simple, and didn’t really risk damaging the pickup. The following modifications do carry some risk of damage, but only if you are not careful.
Please understand that performing the next modification is something that you are doing of your own risk. We cannot be held responsible for any damages caused as a result.

Tinkering with Pickups 101

Opening up and pulling apart magnets may seem a little daunting to some, so I thought I would talk about a few things you can do to adjust your pickups to achieve the sort of sound you are after without any extensive surgery. If you can use a screw driver or allen key, and have basic soldering skills you can achieve some pretty remarkable results.

Perri Ink Guitars releases the Native

Seymour Duncan Artist Nick Perri (Shinedown, Perry Farrell, Silvertide, Matt Sorum, SINAI) has released a new line of guitars under his custom guitar brand Perri Ink Guitars. The Native comes in two distinct flavours – the Traditionalist and the Atomic Punk. The Traditionalist is a vintage themed guitar with a Strat®-style 6 point tremolo, and…

So you want to experiment with pickups, but are afraid of soldering…

What if you could pay a tech a one-time fee to install a device that would mean you could swap out pickups to your heart’s content, at home without a soldering iron? Well, Seymour Duncan has you covered with the Liberator.

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