Artist Interview


Talking Tone With Joe Bonamassa

Anyone who is even remotely familiar with Joe Bonamassa knows he's a huge collector of vintage guitars and amps. There's the now-famous picture circulating of him on a nearly basketball court-size soundstage packed with gear. You think it's staged, but nope, it's all his. The guy could stock his own music store, so impressive is his collection of classic Gibsons and Fenders. Electrics. Acoustics. Cool Alvarez models among them, as well. To-die-for instruments that drip mojo. We're talking '59 Les Pauls (yes, plural). 60s too! And the amps! Marshalls, Dumbles, Friedmans, so many flavors of tone. His four-amp touring rig is a sight and sound to behold as well, with a Marshall Silver Jubilee JCM800 at the heart of it. Continue Reading

Talking Vengeance With Trivium's Corey Beaulieu

Trivium‘s new album, Vengeance Falls, maintains the Trivium tradition of being simultaneously fresh and yet familiar. The band has always kept a keen awareness of metal history even when exploring more modern forms, blending metalcore screams with 80s-style trash one minute, and adding melodic vocal hooks to death-metal-inspired riffage the next. Vengeance Falls is still unmistakably Trivium, but it finds the band approaching its sound from […] Continue Reading

14-string(!) Technical Prog Metal: Felix Martin

If ever you happened to be at a Felix Martin gig, you’d know something was… different. Even if when you first walked in you didn’t immediately notice Felix was playing a 14-string instrument, one couldn’t help notice the complexity of the music, as well as the level of technique displayed. Not just by Felix but his whole band. Most apparent, however, is when you notice the […] Continue Reading

Rising Dutch Guitar Slinger Timo Somers

Timo Somers, born in 1991, started playing when he hit the tender age of 12. His father put a guitar in his hands; who could have imagined he'd build himself such an already impressive career? As a guitarist of the Dutch progressive metal bands Delain, Tri-head and Vengeance, not including his many side projects, Timo is an extremely busy and productive player. Continue Reading

Rockin' Down Under With Airbourne's Joel O'Keeffe

Born and raised in the rural Victorian town of Warrnambool, Airbourne vocalist Joel O’Keeffe first realized his love of rock ‘n’ roll at the tender age of nine. He devoured the Rose Tattoo, AC/DC, The Angels, Billy Thorpe and The Aztecs and Cold Chisel albums that he stole from his uncle, while others got drunk and played sport. Continue Reading

8-String Shred Alert: Sarah Longfield

Sarah Longfield can probably beat you up on guitar - and will use two more strings doing it. Since starting on the piano early and switching to guitar at the age of 12, Sarah's interests have widened to include drums and keyboards. After learning the basics on 6-string guitars for a couple of years she transitioned to 7 and finally 8-string guitars as her musical interests turned toward heavy, down-tuned metal. Continue Reading

The Story Of George Lynch's Screamin' Demon Humbucker

George Lynch's Screamin' Demon humbucker has been a mainstay of his sound for decades, across many different musical styles, amp rigs and guitar configurations. It's a moderate output P.A.F. -style humbucker with extra growl. And surprisingly for a pickup that has been used to record some pretty scorching riffs, it's actually not particularly high in output. Continue Reading

Joe Bonamassa Drives Blues-Rock Forward

It's been a big year for Joe Bonamassa so far. He released Driving Towards The Daylight in May; he's been hard at work on the third Black Country Communion album with Glenn Hughes, Jason Bonham and Derek Sherinian; and in January he unveiled his set of signature Seymour Duncan humbucker pickups. It seems there's always something to do when you're one of the most popular blues rock guitarists in the world, huh? Continue Reading

Monte Pittman on World Tour with Madonna

When people hear about Monte Pittman the first thing they usually think is Madonna AND Prong? Monte has established himself as an incredibly versatile artist and his primary secret weapon is the guitar he designed with Jarrel Guitars called the MPS. Continue Reading